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About Us

Ha El Shaddai Amaru Kai Bey™ Private Ecclesiastical Body
“Life Center”

Our Gift™ Estate and Declaration of Paramount Ecclesiastical Title Of
Reconveyance and Lodial Status and Claim Heirship, Jus Soli, Jus
Sanguine to the Lands and Seas of the Earth Planet, Terra, Ha eretz as a
Citizen and Rightful Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven by virtue of Blood-Line
and Ascendancy of I Am Hayah Asher Hayah Creator of All; Rightful Owner

of All that exists.


1- The By-Laws of Our Gift™ are those of the Torah Tanakh
Prophets Apocrypha and Besorah, including the Laws of Nature.

2- Constitution of Our Gift™ is the AA222-141-TRUTH-A1 Moor
Zodiac Constitution Registered in U.S. Library of Congress for
Public record.

3- Moor American Nationals Choctaw Yahudim Own and operate
Our Gift ™; Ha El Shaddai Amaru Kai Bey.

4- Our Gift™ is protected Under International Law, Divine Law,
Trust Inheritance Laws.

5- Universal Declaration of the Rights Of Orign-EL people act, is
hereby presented to any and all Natural and unnatural sentient
living Beings with self-awareness, as an acknowledgement of
Moors Yahudim Children of Elohim as free and allodial to the
Earth Planet Lands and Seas and Heirs of The Kingdom of
Heaven and citizens thereof. Thus in No Other dejure or defacto
country’s Jurisdiction, save only that of New Yarushalyim.

6- Our Gift™ Honors Righteous Ancient Customs of Thought and
Being, not assimilating to what is Un-natural unlawful spoken of
in our by-Laws. Only Truth Peace Freedom Love Justice in
balance with masculine and feminine energies as a new


7- Our Gift™ is the uplifting of fallen Humanity. Restoring the
remembrance of I AM, (9 13) Love (Ahava), Ahaya (I AM), is Our
Gift™’s Service, Purpose, function and Mission Statement.

8- Our Gift™ RE-Presents and presents El Elyon Elohim, Yah
HAwah,  Amma and Pledge Allegiance Only to them and
righteous Co-Suns who are the temple of The Most High.

9- Our Gift™ is the preaching being put into practice, The Laws of
Nature respected, the talents given to us, utilized and
perfected to share. Our Gift™ is a sign that points towards home
being yahself. Our Gift™ is loyalty protection, guidance
respect, growth and trust.

 9 13

Education and Certifications

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Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, A Higher Balance
A.M.A. (Aboriginal Medical Association)
Certified Indigenous Doctor

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Our Partners


TH Bey's

Th Bey's platform provides healthy alternatives for your pre and post natal care. You can find:

  • Herbal Prenatals

  • Lotus Birth Kits

  • Baby Blankets/Accessories

  • Home Birth Kit


Gimme Yah Beet

Good health includes a better diet. You can improve your health with the food you eat! You can find:

  • Meal Prep

  • Fresh Juices/Smoothies

  • Juice Cleanses

  • Healthy Local Take-out Menu

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