We know that the vast majority of accurate information in regards to true history and knowledge of self is hidden for malicious purposes. Although the source of knowledge is within one's own mind and DNA, the programs instilled and affecting our conscious/subconscious thoughts are that of self perpetuating slavery and or self destruction. This  mindset  cultivates limitation and vain glory causing a battle within oneself which most were programmed to believe.


This belief goes against the natural holistic                                                          paradigm we are originally and biologically designed, by Elohim to                                                                                embody and grow into as children of Yah/Amma. That being the case, we                                                                                 who want to know truth, should strive to eliminate all programs ingrained                                                                                     in our subconscious mind that leads to anything but love, power and a                                                                                         sound mind. By asking Elohim for help in humility you will be led into                                                                                                 all truth.







The work that I have embarked on is one in which you Th reader has agreed to partake in and experience. This is only a limited road map to your Self, in whom all of your answers await discovery.  Take advantage of what is presented here for you.  Not as a be all, end all but as a part of your journey back home to Elohim.  Study Yourself where The Most Highs dwell! Doing the best you can in whichever venue you may encounter. 13 Love  -Ha El Shaddai Bey


Shalom, 13 Ahava Co-Suns

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