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Asthma is a lung disease that causes obstruction of the airways. During an asthma attack, there is a restriction that stops the outward flow of air from the lungs. The person with asthma feels as though they are starving for air. They are not getting the old air out of the chest to bring in the new. These attacks can last a few minutes to several hours.

Asthma can even be triggered by cold air. Asthma is very dangerous and a person with asthma can die from it. In fact, this happens all the time. If the asthma

attack is bad enough, the person isn't getting any air in the lungs at all and in a sense they suffocate.

Many children develop asthma and grow out of it as they get older, only to have it

return later on in life. A correct diagnosis of a person's asthma can be difficult to pinpoint, but there are two forms of asthma: allergic and non allergic although these two types can be related.

Asthma Caused By Allergies

Common allergies include animal dander, chemicals, dust mites, environmental

pollutants, feathers, food additives and so on. Asthma can be triggered by high amounts of fungus in the body that is environmentally caused. If they live in an environment that has fungus in it, they are constantly inundated with the fungus. You can do healings on the person, but if they live in a contaminated environment, it is likely that they will become re-infected.

Many people with asthma are sensitive to food additives such as sulfites. Sulfites are put on foods such as fruits and shellfish to keep them from turning colors. If the asthma is caused by certain types of allergens that are natural in our environment, such as grasses and pollens, it is likely that when the person was a child they were not permitted to develop a resistance to these substances. They were not permitted to play in the dirt and their mothers kept them from having contact with the very thing that would have stimulated their immune system and developed antibodies to combat the allergens. From the time that they were children, they did not develop enough

antibodies for certain allergens. Instead they have developed E antibodies. When we are children, lack of exposure to the natural world around us can actually create an asthmatic condition.


Asthma is a modern-day crisis because of the pollution in the air. It is especially

prevalent in children and old people.

Respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia have a tendency to create

asthma in a person. Another type of asthma is called cardiac asthma which is a condition that causes the same

symptoms, but is caused by heart failure. Intrinsic asthma is associated with other respiratory diseases such as sinusitis and bronchitis. Emphysema is associated with asthma. Emphysema responds very well to Healings and in some

cases is cleared with only one Healing. Emphysema is generally caused by toxins going into the lungs from coal mines, steel mills and dusty environments. People that have asthma and emphysema have a tendency to let people take advantage of them, because it is almost too much effort to fight for themselves. Most of them do not have the energy to take a stand.

A person that has chronic panic attacks can have a panic attack at the same time as a asthma attack and make the asthma much worse.

Stress is a huge trigger for asthma, so it is important to see if a person"s heart is

beating correctly. If they are having problems with their heart, they may not be pumping out the fluids from their lungs and this causes asthma attacks. In this instance, a person’s asthma medicine can only make things worse. It is important for the person with asthma to follow up with a visit to both an asthma doctor and a heart doctor working together to be sure of the cause of the asthma. The pharmaceutical drug Advair is an amazing medication. It doesn't seem to have the same side effects as other steroids. Many people with asthma are over treated by doctors with prednisone which is a cortisone. Prolonged use of prednisone can cause Addison's or Cushing syndrome, causes water retention, straining the heart and the immune system.

If a person uses some type of rescue inhaler more than twice a day, it is likely that they have a serious asthma problem. It is important that they consult with a physician.

Pharmaceutical medications such as proventil, Xopenex and albuterol are beneficial in the immediate opening of the bronchial tubes, but it is best not to use them more than twice a day. Beta blocking medications used to treat high blood pressure can cause life threatening problems for a person with asthma.

Never take an asthmatic off their medication. Allow their doctors to make that decision and never cause them to feel ashamed about using their

medication. When the fungus is cleaned out, their immune system will improve.

+ Asthma is often caused by fungus.

+ A mother with Chlamydia during pregnancy can give her baby asthma.

+ Too much stress in pregnancy can cause a baby to have asthma.

+ Asthma may be caused by parasites in the lungs or by Lyme's disease.

+ Lack of water can cause asthma attacks and so can the use of Aspirin.

Asthma Children

Some parents take their children to allergy specialists for allergy shots to help with their asthma. This can be an effective method of treatment; however, removing processed flour, white sugar, and artificial sweetener from their diet is also extremely beneficial. Increasing the daily dosage of Vitamin B and the different mineral supplements helps, as does blue green algae and chlorophyll. Both blue green algae and chlorophyll

help stimulate the adrenals.

DHEA is helpful in some cases of acute asthma. However, some of the best results that we've witnessed came about from changing the diet and exercise. If the person with asthma has a lot of stress and sorrow as children, changing the Beliefs that "life is sad, life is sorrowful and life is hard" can help a great deal. In our society we have so many pollutants that actually attack the membrane of the lungs. Being able to relocate to a place where the air is clean and pure would be ideal, but since that is not always possible, just removing the flour and sugar seems to have a positive effect on asthma.

Asthma Belief Work and Healings

Studies have proven that children with asthma who were under stress and anxiety developed asthma because of tension. The lungs are very sensitive to emotions. These studies also showed that children permitted to play outside with the earth developed a stronger immune system than other children and the prevalence to asthma and allergies was considerably less. Little children with asthma have a tendency to be fearful; they fear to stand up for themselves and often fear playing with other children. This is because people that have asthma are always incredibly sensitive people and in ancient cultures it was accepted that these individuals had natural healing abilities. They may have breathing problems but they can help other people heal. For instance, many Native American medicine men often had asthma.

With many asthmatics, there is a direct connection with the adrenals. Most of the

Belief Systems that are associated with the adrenals are also connected to Programs and Beliefs surrounding asthma.

There are many Beliefs that are held in the lungs. Not only do the lungs carry sor-

row but they also carry deep amounts of regret. Work on their issues of sorrow and the issues that they must carry everyone.

With asthma, the first priority is to give them Healings in the lungs, adrenals and

heart. Asthma has the associated Belief Systems of heart ache. If it is the heart that is causing the asthma, we will reveal sound exercises to assist.

When Healing a person with asthma, it is important to differentiate the problem you are working on; the asthma itself or the side effects and emotions caused by the medication that they are on. The medications that they're on have side effects that can make them jumpy, depressed, nervous, strip them of calcium and potassium, not to mention make them just downright nasty mean if they are on prednisone. It is important to

realize that the practitioner may not be talking to the sickness, but rather the emotions and programs generated by the medications. Never suggest that anyone go off their medications, but rather work with the medications and release the Beliefs until they no longer need them. Let the doctor take them slowly off from their medications.

Asthma Silent Crying

When grief is never released, it becomes stored in the lungs. This is the Silent Crying. In most instances, this grieving is released by tears. There are individuals that never allow themselves to grieve and much of this grief ends up as challenges to them in the lungs. These stored emotions can cause physical issues and weaken the immune system. When you work on the lungs to release old stored emotions, work with the adrenals as well. If a person has sinus problems, it may mean that they need to cry to release the emotions that have built up. Lungs are so connected to the Creator, that as you release sadness your connection to the Creator will become stronger. Loneliness

can be an emotion that is found in the lungs.

Asthma Sorrow and Grief

Sorrow influences the lungs. When someone dies that you love deeply, every cell in your body grieves for the loss of that person. If a person with a shared DNA connection dies, suddenly your DNA cannot connect to the person on a physical level. Because of this, your body will go through a mourning process. In some instances, this grieving process will play itself out in the lungs. This can be prevalent in men moce so than in women. men carry programs that will not permit them to grieve and release the pain held by the body. Many times they have Beliefs that they must be the strong one. This emotional congestion builds up as sorrow in the lungs.

Asthma Downloads

+ I know what it feels like to take a breath easily and effortlessly.

+ I know what it feels like to live my life without having anxiety attacks.

+ I know what it feels like to live my life without stress.

+ I know what it feels like to live my life without controlling everything.

+ I know what it feels like to live my life without getting caught up in my own

paranoid delusions.

+ I know what it feels like to live my life without the panic of not taking a


+ I can breathe easily and effortlessly.

+ I know what it feels like to be secure and strong in every situation.

+ I know what it feels like to be allowed to use my medication.

+ I know what it feels like to allow my body to grow stronger.

+ I know what it feels like to want to exercise.

+ I know how much to exercise without overdoing it.

+ I build my body gradually to become strong.

+ I know what it feels like to not take on other people's sorrow.

+ I know what it feels like to not take on other peoples drama.

+ I know how to live without other people taking advantage of me.

+ I know what it feels like to live without my family draining me.

+ I know what it feels like to live without resentment.

+ I know what it feels like to live without being discouraged.

+ I know what it feels like to live without being moody.

+ I know how to be consistent and show my love easily to those I love.

I know what it feels like to live without my mother controlling me.

+ I know what it feels like to live without my father controlling me.

+ I know its possible for my lungs to heal.

+ I know it's possible to live without resentment for my body.

+ I know what it feels like to have my body work in harmony.

+ I know how to have patience with my breathing and exercise.

+ I am determined.

+ I am allowed optimal health.

Asthma Downloads for the Lungs

+ I know what it feels like to live without being a victim.

+ I have the Creator's definition of what it is to cry.

+ I know what it feels like to live without regret.

+ I know the Creator's definition of what forgiveness feels like.

+ I know how to live in joy.

Asthma Intuitive Remedy:

Balance the energy of the adrenals.

Asthma Beliefs Programs

Always begin exploring with the digging work for issues that pertain to when the asthma attacks first started.

Explore for issues pertaining to moving forward, exhaustion, fear and old sorrow.

The person may have a fetal memory of the mother's transferred anxiety that is the real cause of their disease. Instill that "I forgive myself;' "I know how to live without asthma;"'I know how to breathe" and "I understand how to breathe the breath of life:'

Asthma Supplements

If you want to change the asthma, there are certain things that can be done. One of the things that can be done that is very helpful is to take them off all processed flour and white sugar. This makes a huge difference almost immediately.

In adults, use myrtle, oregano and our product called Asthma Cleanse. This will help kill any fungus that may be causing the asthma and thus clean out the body.

*In order to see real results ets highly recommended to take for no less than three months.

With asthma sufferers who are children, starting them on a good mineral supplement also helps the asthma. With children you need to be careful with the vitamins and use them according to their age, etc. A good mineral supplement seems to make a huge difference. Drinking lots of water makes a significant difference also.

Moderate exercise is one of the best things for asthma. However, the person with asthma must be very careful because overstimulation of the lungs can cause an asthma attack. It is best for the person with asthma to begin exercise gently and gradually.

+ Infrared saunas are beneficial for asthmatics.

+ Spirulina and a product called Green Magic are beneficial for asthma.

+ Proper hydration (water) is also very important.

+ Vitamin B complex is good, as are stinging nettle, magnesium and calcium

+ drink is an amazing supplement drink that can help with ma.

+ Research has shown that people that use coffee or caffeine containing drinks

generally have reduced instances of asthma attacks as compared to those that

did not use caffeine.

+ Noni.

+ Pau d'arco tea.

+ Olive leaf extract.

+ There is recent contention among some scientists that the amino acid tryptophan helps in people with asthma. I support these findings in my practice with clients.

+ People with asthma will likely need B vitamins, especially B6, vitamin A as

well as a little copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron (for women).

+ Build the person's strength so the doctor will slowly wean them off their


+ In some instances, an alkaline diet will clear asthma.

+ Zinc is a phenomenal mineral that can be used as an aid for asthma.

Source Viana Stibal "Theta DNA Healing

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