Divine responsibilities

Updated: Jun 29

Etheric Gene activation has everything to do with activating a gene by a means of conscious Will via Choice (Ether..The Energy Frequency in which all Possible realities/ creations exist to be manifested by our decisions) Alone! No herbs or therapy, no self help books, or esoteric knowledge. Simply the desire. The reason of a seeds life is to grow into what it already is, doesn't have to try, it is. You simply are... You don't have to try... You can smile... You relax within this knowing.. I can freely and wholeheartedly give my attention to negative frequency (thought) but all of my focus and wonder, with my thoughts completely occupied and my attention drawn further away from the obvious perils and diabolical systematic life or social structure imposed on us here on Earth, I can only see th world that I can choose; that I know is probable, especially now. Innerstanding th purpose and function of choosing this thought pattern and being continuously fixated and fully enthralled by those thoughts; being ”the master of my ship”, I have now created neurons that carry this specific frequency only to be received by the DNA for translation and transcription for physical changes to occur in my body and sensory reality. This specific and chronic thought pattern (whether self induced or subliminally forced) affect your reality via neurons genetically thus physically...


Choose Life

13 Love Pt. 3

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