Etheric Genetic Alignment™

Our purpose is Etheric Genetic Activation.

TH Origin-AL blueprint DNA is what our conscious thoughts will hold. Ether, the essence of this reality, the rules of vibrational frequency wave creations, entail a symbiotic relationship with electric/magnetic Beings; for the soul purpose of experiencing TH infinite self via sensory perception. These are electromagnetic field interactions interfacing with other magnetic fields, giving the sense of touch taste, sight, hearing, (stimuli, impulses etc..) thus creating our virtual reality experience called life.

Ether beings have a more direct function within this matrix ("illusion of senses and electrical impulses that feed the brain information in the form of frequencies"), as their consciousness is centered on creating continually through will and can choose what to create via th information ( light, photons, anti-matter). One may be able to attenuate via bio-molecular composition in order to live this so-called reality.

We will go into th levels of ether and levels of consciousness and how that affects our personal reality (genetically). Let us now know thoroughly, th functions of thought; which is ether that has been given instructions to form and shape th materials and events in our lives consciously or subconsciously.

While we only peek at the surface of etheric genetics, we can already see the pattern for the responsibility of deciding ones own chronic thought patterns.

I appreciate yah & 13 Love yah

Pt 2

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