"Thought..Th cause."

Let's only always deal with the cause, don't look for anything else. Well, you can do what you want to but you'll be distracted. You be led in circles. You will learn a lot of information and none of that information, none of that knowledge will cause you to progress. None of that wisdom of the world can feed your spirit. For that is what you are..correct? If you do not know let's get to the bottom of it.

We see, touch, hear, taste and smell, just as we recognize there is something animating our physical body; something leaves our physical body during transition. Therefore we can conclude that yes, our intangible selves can and is related and correlated to our physical selves, making both being real to us...

How do we grow and what will feed our spirit?

"The Cause" is the reason for one's misfortune as well as their fortuitous events! Our thought function and et's effects may only be one part of the study of self, however Th reason for this information, is to emphasize responsibility in accepting the magnitude of this power self governance), that being; (Thoughts)"Th Cause" "For Th infinite creating of a naturally Divine Paradigm". Life, and to have life more abundantly.

13 Love to yah Heart and Yah Home Co-Suns ..love you

part 1

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