Monthly Cleanse Plans

We've taken the hassle out of the planning and done it for you! 

Choose from one of our many plan packages and enjoy the benefits!

Here's how it works...


What do I do?

Step 1. Choose how frequently you'd like to receive your cleanse based on your cleansing needs.


Step 2. Choose to receive a Single Cleanse or Cleanse Kit each month.


Step 3. Place your order and we'll do the rest.


When do you ship?

We ship every Monday.

How will I know when my credit card is being charged?

You will receive a reminder email before your credit card is charged.


Can I change my plan package?

Yes. You have the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you choose.

How do I cancel my plan?

You may cancel your Monthly plan at anytime before your scheduled billing cycle.

IF you cancel the day of your scheduled billing date, you will be charged for and shipped out product. 

IF you cancel all other plans prior to the end date you will not be refunded, however you will no longer receive product. 

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