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Yhorman Lora Medima Bey™

Testimony from my consultation with Ha El Shaddai (13Krstalign)


I'm grateful. 

I've realized the amount of progress I've made; in order to be complete, reflection/analysis is required. 


The brother at 13Krstalign, Ha El Shaddai along with his consort are great & genuine with their service.


When I went to Bro. El Shaddai, I only had questions (with curiosities to how I may improve my health). Surely, I was able to get time for consultation; right on time I received a message to start.


I've had a rough record yet the information I received is all I had to hear:

∆The importance of waters, charged water, distill water, salt water, how much to drink

∆Nightshade foods; How to rid Candida fungus/fungi

∆What is best for my blood type, body, schedule/regimen



A mixture between reminders & more knowledge. Building up the basics allowed me to gain th clarity on what I shall be doing to build my body Up. My Soul Up. My Mind Firm.


Bro. El Shaddai suggested the right herbs & natural tools/supplements to get right; All fair prices. 


Boron is one mineral (hormone balancer & testosterone booster).


Has I listened, I knew that the next steps are upon me to do.


Thus, I Thank 13Krstalign (Both Ha El Shaddai & His consort), for sharing the right knowledge while being patient.


Man Know Thy Self, Is Spiritual. As we receive help, patience is vital. Humility too.


Divine Faith Bey 13™ 

I 13Love 13Krstalign Products! Especially the Colon Cleanse. I have purchased many of their cleanses and I absolutely love the Colon Cleanse.


I have admittedly shopped around and tried other brands. When it comes to effectiveness, there are TWO that stand out to me from my own PERSONAL experience. 13Krstalign and Dr. Sebi. colon cleanse.


In all honesty and truth, 13krstalign gave me the same, level of results as Dr. Sebi's product, the difference was for ME, is the price is considerably lower and I feel they put pure 13Love into what they do.


Love is a healer in itself when that is transferred into doing what you love, then it helps others to heal as well. This is what 13Krstalign represents to me, Healing.


I am so grateful for what they do! I get very excited when I see a specialist with % off! For anyone in need of GREAT products I highly recommend 13Krstalign for all of your cleansing and healing needs. 13Love